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English News

webdarder | 14 Desembre, 2005 10:28

The English Department has been very busy these months. Students and teachers have been hectic, doing and giving tests, handing homework and preparing many innovations. Most of them connected to our European Section in 2nd ESO D
We are showing here some of them.

We went to the theatre in November

1st ESO went on 22nd, 4th and 3rd ESO went on 23rd and 2nd ESO went on the 25th. The plays were "Tall Tales" and "Happy Ending" by the group CLEVER PANTS.


You will find these and more pictures in punkiteacher's photostream

We went to an exhibition about Balearic Roman World

It was a Social Science Activity, but, as punkiteacher was around, they had to produce a small work in English about the pieces of art we saw there.
We had a very interesting Archaeology Workshop. We had great fun!

classroom classroom
classroom classroom

If you want to see more pictures go to replikant's photostream

English Theatre with 2nd ESO D

We began this year enjoying one hour a week of English Theatre. We are doing lots of things, puppets some dramatization and we are also preparing a Carol representation for our Christmas festival.

classroom classroom
classroom classroom

As usual, if you want to see more pictures go to replikant's photostream


We have also began working in two virtual spaces provided by Comp@ct

I hope to keep on blogging school news!= ; )

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