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Two years ago we lost an English teacher

punkiteacher | 22 Desembre, 2005 08:40

In memory to Jaime Arrom

Two years ago, on 26th December 2003, our colleague Jaime left us. His unexpected death, in unfortunate accident, affected everybody in our educational community and we all had to endure a feeling of emptiness. Soon that year, we decided to pay tribute to his teaching and sharing with us by means of a tree in the school yard.

We planted an olive tree that stands in the middle of a bed of season flowers. We try to keep this corner blooming around the year.


The English Department has been renewed, but we still remember him and there will always be room for him among us.

There is an article on our lost in Our Farewell to Jaime Arrom

You can also visit it and remember him with us.

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